The B.A., LL.B. (Honours) degree programme is spread over ten semesters and each semester will be of 6 month duration and at the end of semester their will be an examination. University exam will consist of 80 marks and the remaining 20 will be awarded by the college through internal assessment. A student during the five-year stay at the Institute shall have to study:

Semester-wise Course Design

Course Design of B.A.LL.B (H) According to New BCI Rule 2008

First Semester

1.1 English – I 1.2 Political Science-I
1.3 Economics-I
1.4 Sociology-I
1.5 Law of Torts
1.6 Law of Contract-I

Second Semester

2.1 English – II
2.2 Political Science-II
2.3 Economics-II
2.4 Sociology-II
2.5 Law of Contract-II
2.6 Family Law-I

Third Semester

3.1 English – III
3.2 Political Science-III
3.3 Economics-III
3.4 Sociology-III
3.5 Family Law-II
3.6 Honors Paper-I (Land Laws, including Tenure & Tenancy System)

Forth Semester

4.1 Political Science-IV
4.2 Environmental Law
4.3 Law of Crimes Paper-I – Penal Code-I
4.4 Law of Crimes Paper-II – C. R.P.C.
4.5 Labour and Industrial Law-I
4.6 Honors Paper-II (Offences against Child & Juvenile Offence)

Fifth Semester

5.1 Political Science-V
5.2 Constitutional Law-I
5.3 Labour and Industrial Law-II
5.4 Jurisprudence (Legal Method, Indian Legal System and Basic Theory of Law).
5.5 Honors Paper-III (Health Law)
5.6 Optional Paper-I (Local Self Government including Panchayat Administration)

Sixth Semester

6.1 Political Science-VI
6.2 Constitutional Law-II
6.3 Company Law
6.4 Honors Paper-IV (Human Rights Law & Practice)
6.5 Optional Paper-II(Gender Justice & Feminist jurisprudence)

Seventh Semester

7.1 Civil Procedure Code -I
7.2 Property Law
7.3 Honors Paper-V
7.4 Optional Paper-III
7.5 Clinical Paper-I

Eighth Semester

8.1 Civil Procedure Code -II
8.2 Public International Law
8.3 Honors Paper-VI
8.4 Optional Paper-IV
8.5 Clinical Paper-II

Ninth Semester

9.1 Law of Evidence
9.2 Principles of Taxation
9.3 Honors Paper-VII
9.4 Optional Paper-V
9.5 Clinical Paper-III

Tenth Semester

10.1 Administrative Law
10.2 Honors Paper-VIII
10.3 Optional Paper-VI
10.4 Clinical Paper-IV

Honors Papers

Honors Paper-I – Land Laws including Tenure & Tenancy System
Honors Paper-II – Offences against Child & Juvenile Offence
Honors Paper-III – Health Law
Honors Paper-IV – Human Right Law and Practice
Honors Paper-V – Corporate Governance
Honors Paper-VI – Information Technology Law
Honors Paper-VII – IPR Management
Honors Paper-VIII – International Trade Economics

Optional Papers

Optional Law Paper-I – Local Self Government including Panchayat Administration
Optional Law Paper-II – Gender Justice and Feminist Jurisprudence
Optional Law Paper-III – Interpretation of Statutes and Principles of Legislation
Optional Law Paper-IV – Banking Law
Optional Law Paper-V – Private International Law
Optional Law Paper-VI – Penology and Victomology

Clinical Papers

Clinical Law Paper-I – Drafting, Pleading and Conveyance
Clinical Law Paper-II – Professional Ethics and Professional System
Clinical Law Paper-III – Alternate Dispute Resolution
Clinical Law Paper-IV – Moot Court Exercise and Internship